1909 Edwardian Motor Yacht, LOTUS

Lady Victoria Presents:

1909 End-of-Summer Celebration


August 19, 2023

12 pm - 4 pm

Dockside, aboard the Luxury Yacht, LOTUS
@ Historical Ships Wharf
Seattle, WA

(Behind MOHAI in
South Lake Union) 

Edwardian Whites or Edwardian attire – perfect for Summer!

This August, join Lady Victoria of Essex and Friends
dockside, aboard a lovely historical yacht for a picnic-style celebration.

The plans include time to enjoy a self-prepared picnic lunch,
historical story telling, trivia guessing game,
then perhaps enjoy additional treats provided by Lady Victoria.



Saturday, August 19, 2023  Noon to 4pm


Dockside (boat will not be leaving the dock), aboard the historical yacht LOTUS, moored behind MOHAI in Lake Union,  Seattle, WA  This is NOT a “boat ride”.


Arrive any time after 12  noon
Lunch & relaxing from 12:00 – 2:00 pm
Ending at 4pm
– Historical story telling and trivia game with prizes after lunch.
– You are welcome to arrive and leave at your leisure.

“Donation” Cover Charge:

* If you haven’t renewed yet for 2023, you can visit the SITU website to RENEW or SIGN UP.  
Event Registration: preference is given to SITU Members.

$10 SITU Members (+ $1 Paypal handling fee)
$20 Non-SITU Members. (+$1 Paypal handling fee)

Lady Victoria is facilitating a private, End-of-Summer Celebration as a “Fund Raiser” for LOTUS. SITU Members & Friends of Lady Victoria, are welcome to attend the picnic, take photos, enjoy a relaxing summertime afternoon with friends!

SITU Members Button:

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Limited Seating:

Reservation Preference will be given to SITU Members first.

The U.S. Coast Guard has limited the number of persons allowed top deck on Lotus, so EARLY Registration is highly suggested before we must cut off reservations!!!

Be aware this is NOT an ADA compliant vessel.  Interior staircase is both narrow and steep. No elevator available. Walkers, wheelchairs, or other such devices, cannot easily be used aboard.  You might wish to not participate in this particular celebratory function.

What to Wear:

Everyone attending is encouraged to wear Edwardian day attire.  Summer Whites are also appropriate .

Ladies: Lady Victoria suggests that you might wish to wear flat or very low-heeled shoes.  This IS a floating yacht after all.  Also, tight skirts of 1912 or later, may prove to be a challenge when climbing the staircase. Be advised…

Remember to bring a parasol in case you choose a location where there is too much sun, as well as a wrap or coverlet in the event it is windy from breezes coming off the lake.

Gents:  White shirt, dark pants (not jeans), perhaps a vest and a straw hat are totally appropriate.  Vest and straw hat are not required if you have not yet expanded your wardrobe to include some of these items; do your best to be “evocative of the era.”

What to Bring:

Parking and transport:
“Friends of Lady Victoria” should seek parking nearby at the lot in front of MOHAI, along Valley Street. You might choose to haul your items to the wharf with the help of a small wagon or other device.

Items to consider bringing:
– Picnic hamper with your own supplies, including food, drink, cup and appropriate silverware  
– LOTUS has china plateware which can be used
– Hand fan to cool oneself
– Pen or pencil to participate in the trivia game
– Parasol if the table location you choose, is located in direct sunlight

If you have interest in participating in the picnic and day’s activities, please RSVP in advance, along with your cell phone number, to:
LadyVictoria “at” SITUSeattle “dot” com OR IDEALLY,
complete this handy online form!

This Celebration is a Lady Victoria Presents Happening,  NOT a SITU Sponsored Event.  All proceeds go directly to and are handled by LOTUS Foundation.

Lady V would like to know in advance a head count of how many will be attending.  She would also like to know you are coming so that she can look for you!!!

Lady V would like to know in advance a head count of how many will be attending.  She would also like to know you are coming so that she can look for you!!!

Canon 7D

Christian Gruye, Head Steward
Brion Toss, Husband

“Thank you for your interest and participation!

I look forward to receiving your RSVP and seeing you in person!”

Lady Victoria of Essex

Updated:  July 29, 2023