Join Lady Victoria of Essex for a

1950's Style Road Rally, Picnic, & Antiquing!

Saturday, May 14, 2022

11 am - Late Afternoon

This Springtime, plan to jump in your car and head north on I-5 to join Lady Victoria in the North South area, just north of Everett.  It’ll be a Day-In-The-Country sort of feeling, just like our families used to do in the 1950’s as a “Sunday Drive.”

We’ll begin the late morning from a specific stop at a freeway exit, where your Navigator will collect a map and instructions with clues (for writing down answers) of things you will see as you drive along.  You’ll be able to obtain a tank of gas at this first location, so you needn’t worry about “topping up” before you get there.

Our lunch time will be a Tailgate Picnic Party!  Bring your hamper and a chair so you can rest comfortably behind your vehicle  when we circle our cars and reach the mid-day location.  As this is not “pot luck”, feel free to bring whatever you think the Driver and Navigator will enjoy.

We’ll spend a little time there eating, chatting, checking our clues/answers.  Prizes are planned….

Once this is completed, a selection of nearby thrift and antique stores can be visited while in costume.  They are anticipating us.  Lady V is excited to see what “finds” she can discover on this road trip outside of Seattle!

The Details!


Saturday, May 14, 2022


Location & Exit Number to be disclosed to those who have preregistered to participate.


This little outing is open to Members of Somewhere in Time, Unlimited and Friends.  Children can participate, provided parents remain in and accept all responsibility for the safety and well being of the minors.

Cost to participate:

There is NO CHARGE for meeting up with other friends for the day.  Lunch costs are completely on the participant/s.  A picnic style affair is suggested, but you are free to visit a restaurant if you prefer for take-away or dine-in.


To enjoy the full experience of an era, it is suggested that participants come dressed in late 1940’s or 1950’s daytime attire.  No need for cocktail dresses! 

Gentlemen can also consider “Rock-a-billy”, Western, Sinatra/Dean Martin sort of look, or Hipster if you prefer

If children participate, you do not need to feel obligated to create special attire for them.  This outing is to be fun!  If the tykes are more comfortable in regular  contemporary attire, Lady V is most forgiving. (smiling….)

Are masks required?

This is an Outing of friends.  If you WISH to wear a mask for protection or precaution, you are most welcome to do so.  You will not be ridiculed for your decision.

Your health and participation is strictly your responsibility.  Lady Victoria, nor other participants, accept any responsibility for your safety.  You participate at your own risk.

“Social Distancing” is still acceptable and hence, we will tailgate behind our own vehicles….

How to Register:

Please complete the form  so that Lady Victoria, or her assistant, will be able to be in contact with you!  As we get closer to the Outing, driving directions will be sent to you along with anything else you might need.

If you have additional questions, please text or ring her directly:

206 – 4 ate 4 – 7 nine 65

Updated: Apr. 10, 2022