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Snohomish Tweed Ride 2019

The annual Snohomish Tweed Ride pushed off promptly just outside of the town of Machias, WA.  Participants were greeted with beautiful sunshine, cooler morning temperatures than had been experienced in previous days.  We met at the Machias Trailhead Park and were to set out along the path used by the Iron Horses back in the day, which is now referred to as the Centennial Trail.

This year, Lady Victoria of Essex rounded up several historical costuming friends who agreed to support one of her favorite towns and charity!

The plan was for everyone to meet at the Trailhead Park to assemble and receive instructions.  Early Registration online was encouraged, but as luck would have it, even MORE people decided to break out their bicycle from storage, pack a light lunch, and then join in the fun on this morning!

As with most Tweed Rides, everyone was encouraged to come attired in various eras and wear TWEED!  Specific instructions were posted by organizers to encourage Victorian dress since the town of Snohomish is afterall, a community of beautiful Victorian era structures!

The following images are of a few of the more than 40 cyclists who peddled toward Snohomish, a little more than 4 mile route.

Lady Victoria of Essex in Snohomish

As Riders, we were so blessed to have a “Parade Route Marshall” who held back traffic for us, helping us all cross main roadways safely, and he pumped up tires as they lost air along the route.

Additionally, we were photographed from every angle by a professional photographer along the route.  She worked hard to jump into her vehicle, race ahead of us, then begin clicking away on her camera as the large group rode past her along the path or at a crossing, waving and smiling!

We rode along 1st Street, ringing our bicycle bells and waving at the cheering shoppers who were caught unaware of the Tweed Ride.  Some people video taped, others waved back.

Everyone was invited back to the Blackman House Museum, run by the Snohomish Historical Society.  There, a lovely spread of delicacies would be waiting for us.  These were prepared by various friends of Lady Victoria, who are members of the historical costuming group, Somewhere in Time, Unlimited.  Additional goodies had been donated by the local bakery in town and Historic Downtown Snohomish.

Riders were treated to some unusual points of interest as we rode past. 

This home had managed to save what appears to be a jeweler’s or perhaps the railroad’s original, four-sided clock.

 At this time, only one side of the clock was running accurately.  It’s not every day that you get to see such an old beauty, standing in someone’s front yard! 

Here’s how smooth and level the bike path of Centennial Trail really is – it’s well maintained too!

All too soon, it was time to bid each other a fair “Adieu” until next Autumn.  With full and sated tummies, some set off to ride back to Trailhead Park to load bikes onto vehicles, while other ventured into the numerous antique stores. a  mere half block away….

Be sure to join in the fun in 2020.  There are sure to be even MORE people attending!

Happy Autumn to One and All!

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Updated Oct. 5, 2019