Holiday Shopping with Lady Victoria in Snohomish!

The town and merchants of Snohomish, Washington opened their arms to welcome this year’s merry holiday shoppers who came dressed in historical Victorian-style attire.

On December 12, 2020, the Friends of Lady Victoria of Essex and Members of the historical costuming club “Somewhere in Time, Unlimited” (SITU) swept into town in a major effort to show shopping support to the small shopkeepers along First Street.

The invitation cautioned everyone to comply with mask-wearing and “social distancing”, along with suggestions of where to look for treasures in various stores.

Holiday Shopping with Lady Victoria of Essex

The shops were beautifully decked out in holiday finery, sure to entice the shopper to linger over the many selections being offered.  Excellent values could be found throughout the stores!  Some of the vendors had sales, others had special “hand made” or “locally created” offerings, an opportunity to shop for  even the most challenging gift recipient!!!

Early arrivals met out front of Antique Station at Victoria Village.
This is a 2-story mall that could easily hold 70 people based on the current Snohomish County COVID-19 Safety Calculations, with plenty of room to spread out and shop.

As the weather was QUITE nippy and frosty this day (despite the beautiful sunshine), wearing a wool cape or fur capelet were sound ideas for the ladies, while double-breasted wool overcoats together with warm muffler and hat were ideal for the gents of our group…

While waiting for a few other historical costumers to arrive, the first group was spotted across the street basking in the morning sunlight and fragrance of the town’s Christmas tree.

The tree is festooned with many strings of lights, large ornaments, and a season’s worth of cheer.  How glorious it must look at twilight, as residents and guests go past or stand in awe of its beauty!

(L-R)  Lady Victoria of Essex, Ms. Corky,
Ms. Julia & daughter, Ms. Marion

Former SITU President, Kimberly Brangwin Milham, arrived in style!  Her bespoke Victorian bustle gown was created especially for her.  Then Kimberly embellished the outfit with several details; such as her hat with feathers, and beautiful black buttons with a raised-star design she had purchased while in Germany.  She was also seen about town, wearing her vintage fur cape which paired perfectly with her vivid plum-coloured attire!  Here, she paused for a photo in front of “Home Inspirations” on First Street.

Marion 3
Marion 2

(L-R)  Ms. Marion and Ms. Corky popped into a store offering a variety of interesting “bits & treasures” to consider. 

(These images were taken on zoom camera by a masked camera person more than 6 feet away.)


Shoppers can come in many forms (see puppies greeting each other), and not all who visited Snohomish on this day would be found wearing Victorian attire!

The harpist playing outside of the “My Eclectic Home” shop was quite good and made for pleasant background music.  Well done….

(These images were taken on zoom camera by a masked camera person more than 6 feet away.)

The day of our shopping excursion was also Ms. Pamela’s birthday!  She strikes a festive pose with husband Larry.  They are very handsomely attired.

Ms. Corky came into town just to visit with long-not-seen SITU friends.  We were SO happy to visit with her after all this time.  She looks adorable in her warm cape and fashionable hat!

(L-R)  Harpist, Ms. Pamela, Ms. Nancy, Ms. Pippin

Ms. Pippin brought her friend Ms. Nancy, to Snohomish to be part of our holiday fun. 
Nancy is very involved as a docent at the Bothell Historical Museum in Bothell, WA.

Photo taken just outside of “My Eclectic Home” along First Street.


After a couple of hours of shopping, participants scattered to find various eateries for a late take-out lunch.

Ms. Kimberly and Lady Victoria settled on the Bakery at the bend of the road in town.  There was outdoor seating.  They have a wonderful menu available, including chicken salad sandwiches on various breads, potato salad or coleslaw, desserts, oh my….

Other shoppers ordered from the Cabbage Patch Restaurant, as well as from some of the smaller eateries along First Street.  Most locations had outdoor seating either in the fresh air or under a cover out of the rain, but always COVID Rules Compliant!

IMG-7887 b

Also attending were Ms. Julia and daughter; Ms. Irene & Ms. Dee Rigeur arrived from Bellingham to visit with long-time SITU friends.

(Images were taken on zoom camera from more than 6 feet away by a masked camera person.)

In classic chambray, the owner of “Worthy,” a home & decorating store, poses  for a great shot against her holiday setting.

Lady Victoria mentions that she would really LOVE to have a parlour stove in her home again.  Fortunately for her, the owner of Worthy has a talented retrofitter who will install lighting to give any old stove of Lady V’s choice a beautiful ambiance once more.

Special thanks to Karen’s employees at “Antique Station in Victoria Village” on First Street.  Your store was a great “jumping off” spot to start our day of shopping; your vendors’ selections  and offerings were terrific for our participants, your employees SO helpful and adorable to everyone.  We missed you, Miss Karen, and hope you feel better soon!

Thank you, too, to the stranger who found the purse belonging to one of our participants.  You graciously turned it in at the counter, the contents still within the purse.  It was a blessing…. 

Lady Victoria of Essex and bodyguard pause for a photo opportunity in front of “Annie’s on First”.

After a long day of shopping, hundreds of dollars later, a carpet bag completely full of wonderful gifts, Lady V and Friends parted ways to head for home.  Exciting gift wrapping is definitely in the very near future.

Lady Victoria wishes everyone wonderful holidays surrounded in safety of home, love of family/friends, and knowledge that “next year” will be far better than 2020!

If you’d like to be included in a future “Travels With Lady Victoria” or you have interest in historical costuming, send an email to either Info “at” SITUSeattle “dot” com, or Treasurer “at” SITUSeattle “dot” com to be added to the mailing list.

Feel free to also join us on Facebook.  Look for the group:

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