Beatles Visit Seattle!

What's happening?

“It’s August 21, 1964.  The Beatles,  a group of what would be part the “British invasion,” hail from Liverpool. They arrived here in Seattle to sing at the Seattle Coliseum.

Seattle Police, controlling things at “Seattle Airport”, have kept over 2,000 screaming fans away from the plane and the famous passengers.  “We want the Beatles!  We want the Beatles!” the crowd chanted.

Later in the afternoon, they’d be heading over to the “Coliseum” at the Seattle Center, to get ready for the evening performance to a crowd of 14,000 spectators!”

What' does Lady V have planned?

July 17, 2022 - Morning

First – We will meet at the driveway of the Science Center for a Photo-Op with the newly retro painted Space Needle. Owners of two vintage vehicles will meet us there, so we have wonderful props to accent your vintage style costuming!

Next – We head down to the famous Edgewater Inn’s driveway.  It was this hotel on Seattle’s waterfront where the Beatles had rooms and fished out the window from their suite’s expansive windows.  Again, photo-op for us with the “E” as backdrop.

When we are done, those who are interested can troop down to Pier 54 to Ivar’s Fish Bar for open-air lunch.  We might just feed a seagull or two….

What to wear?

Depending on your costuming interest, you might consider late 1950’s to 1964 attire.  Gentlemen are welcome to participate with us.  Wear daytime attire, rather than your most wonderful evening, shiny bling.  It is 1964 after all….

How much to participate?

There is no cost to any participant, except to pay for your own lunch and parking at the waterfront.

What time are we meeting?

Seattle parking becomes more of a challenge as the day progresses.  Therefore, we hope to have everyone in position at the specified Pacific Science Center location by 10 am.  If you aren’t there in time, the group is not going to wait.

Any health related issues?

This is an Outing of friends.  If you WISH to wear a mask for protection or precaution, you are most welcome to do so.  You will not be ridiculed for your decision.

Your health and participation is strictly your responsibility.  Lady Victoria, nor other participants, accept any responsibility for your safety.  You participate at your own risk.

“Social Distancing” is still acceptable and hence, this Outing is being held outdoors….

Ready to Register?

Complete the form herewith, so that Lady Victoria, or her assistant, will be able to be in contact with you!  As we get closer to the Outing, driving directions will be sent to you along with anything else you might need.

If you have additional questions, please text or ring her directly:

206 – 4 ate 4 – 7 nine 65

Updated: July 06, 2022