Lady Victoria Presents:

Celebration of Independence

Saturday, July 3, 2021

12 pm – 4 pm
(You may choose to stay later)

Historic Downtown 

Issaquah, WA

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“It’s July 3, 1776.  The men are busy drafting and finishing a Declaration.

Betsy Ross has already created a flag with 13 stars, in June. 

The Red Coats are all around us…. “

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This July 3rd, join Lady Victoria of Essex in historic downtown Issaquah.

The plans include time to enjoy a self-prepared picnic lunch, perhaps a few table or lawn games.  After lunch, we’ll enjoy a guided walking tour about downtown, and demonstrations by the local VFW, followed by musical performances by patriotic local performers!


Saturday, July 3, 2021


A park near the historic rail station


Arrive any time after 12 – noon
Lunch & relaxing from 1:00 – 3:00 pm
– Walking Tour at 2:30 pm
– Potential activity at 3:30 – 3:45 pm
– Music begins at 4:00 pm
– You are welcome to stay until 7:00 pm or the end of the musical performances, or travel home again at your leisure.


Free!  The event organizers have invited Lady Victoria to make an appearance.  Friends of Lady Victoria are welcome to attend.

What to Wear:

Ideally, everyone attending will be wearing 18th century day attire.
Think “Williamsburg 1776-ish”

Ladies: While fine fabrics and costumes are always admired, it may be too hot for this type of garment, or you may not wish to subject your gowns to potential roadway oils if you are walking anywhere but on the lawn.  Be advised…

Gents:  Tricorn, breeches, waistcoat and coats are totally appropriate.  You do not need to wear all of these if you have not yet expanded your wardrobe to include a tricorn or coat. 

What to Bring:

Presently, the organizers are negotiating parking for the “Friends of Lady Victoria”.  Be prepared that what you plan to haul into the park, will also need to be removed before the walking tour begins, for safety’s sake.

Items to consider:
– Chair & small table, or blanket
– Picnic hamper with your supplies, including food, drink, and appropriate china/silverware
– Hand fan to cool oneself
– Playing cards or table game

If you have interest in participating in the picnic and day’s activities, please RSVP in advance, along with your cell phone number, to:
LadyVictoria “at” SITUSeattle “dot” com

Organizers would like a head count to know how many will be attending.  Lady V would like to know you are coming so that she can look for you!!!

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“Thank you for your interest and participation!

I look forward to receiving your RSVP and then seeing you in person!”

Lady Victoria of Essex

Updated:  June 6, 2021