Fox Hunt 2023

Somewhere in Time, Unlimited invites you to an Autumn Fox Hunt!

Saturday, Sept. 9, 2023

High Noon - 5pm


“The fox is smart and sly as can be
And a great big bush tail has he.
He can run very fast, his fur is red
And he lives in the woods in the tree-trunk bed.”

 “The Hunt” is being conducted at the invitation of the Huntmaster.   Those who wish to participate, shall be prepared to do so in “full kit”, which in this case, may include the wearing of Autumnal shades of plaid, stripe, or floral, in addition to those who’ll wish to wear the traditional red jacket & topper or equestrian riding helmet.

On this day, we shall gather for a “Meet” in the county of Snohomish, which will be festively dressed in her beautiful autumn colors.  There, to the sound of “Tally HO!” all of “the hounds” will be encouraged to draw the covert red fox from the glen. 

In SITU’s version of the Hunt, no actual animal shall be harmed.  It will be your OWN tracking and good sense to spy the elusive fox on the property of antique dealers.  You will also likely spy prized steeds upon the “land,” but you will not be riding either British or side saddle.  “Nay,” your enjoyment shall be limited to photography, admiration or the acquisition of a vintage find for your collection.

Our day begins by gathering at a pre-arranged location at precisely High Noon, after which we shall disburse to pursue the Fox!  We will re-assemble to Show-&-Tell our purchases which we procured while on the Hunt.  And, then we will award the Prize to celebrate the capture of the Fox!

At the conclusion of the Hunt, those who may be interested, may partake in a wonderful spread of delicacies at a nearby eatery.  Everyone who wishes to eat out, may then gather with friends and fellow Hunters for a no-host meal at the location of their choice. 

The Details ~


– September 9, 2023
– High Noon to 5 pm


– Snohomish County

What to wear:

– While 1870’s – 1905 Victorian/Edwardian attire is suggested, you are welcome to wear attire of any era to present, as long as it is Autumnal or “Fox Hunt” inspired

– Bring a rain brolly in case of rain

What to bring:

– Good humour, carefree spirit, and good stories to share!

Invitation issued to:

– SITU Members & Friends
– Non-Members are especially welcome to join us
– Children 12 and under, at no cost

Entry Voucher for Attendance:

– Your early RSVP via the form below, will assure your place in the hunt 

– Non-members are also welcome, provided they have preregistered so that their name/s appear on the Master Attendance List

Additional Information:

–  The Hunt shall begin promptly at High Noon to the notes of the bugle, the bark of the hounds, and the sound of “Tally HO!” 
We will have precisely 2.5 hours to locate the sly fox and lure him out of hiding
–  The assembly location to be sent via email prior to the event
–  Driving instructions will  be included in the email
–  The retail and dining establishments of the nearby township of Snohomish, will be open for your antique shopping pleasure after the hunt

If questions, contact:

–  Lady Pamela
–  425-273-5352


Number of Attendees
Name/s of Attendee/s?

Thank you for your interest in this fun Autumn Event.
We look forward to seeing you soon!

Updated August 29, 2023