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Holiday Shopping With Lady Victoria!

SATURDAY, Dec. 03, 2022
11am – 4pm

Antique Station @ Victoria Village

1108 – First Street
Snohomish, WA

Let's Go Antique & Holiday Shopping!!!

Jump in your jalopy or alight from your sleigh!  If you are tired of working hard and have missed out on costuming fun this year, then let’s call a close to 2022 in Grand Shopping Style!

Lady Victoria of Essex invites you to participate in some socially distant, seasonal frivolity in the town of Snohomish, WA.  Bring your children, spouse, or significant other for a relaxing fun day together with fellow historical costumers.

This year’s participants are encouraged to meet up out front of the Antique Station @ Victoria Village, on 1st Street.  This is a “mall’s-worth” of resellers of vintage products and lovely antiques.  Lady V has asked that the resellers bring in hats, gloves, canes, etc. that would appeal to our shoppers.  

From there, people can amble down the streets of Snohomish, wandering in and out of favorite Vintage stores, finding purchases ideal for gifts or for personal enjoyment.

Mid-day, everyone can take a break at one of the many eateries in town.

The last stop for shopping will be the large Star Center Mall at the end of town.  There are 3-4 stories of charming goods sure to please!

Capt Kimberly Brewer_Cabbage Patch Restaurant

For those who tire easily or wish for refreshments, Lady V’s favorite place to enjoy warming drinks and meals in town, is the Cabbage Patch Restaurant.

Here you will find everything on the menu from adult beverages, coffee, tea, snacks, salads and main courses, to flavor-rich pies for dessert!  Gluten free meals have also been found here….

Snohomish Teacups
Bar SQ

Maybe the gentlemen of our group would prefer to capture the window table for lunch at “The Repp” instead, to while away the rest of the afternoon, enjoying each other’s company and testing out quality adult beverages and delicious, tastey offerings! 

Surely the ladies could spend the remainer of the afternoon finishing up the shopping….

Somewhere in Time, Unlimited has a zoom meeting scheduled for Nov. 3, 2022. 
In the short presentations, you’ll be given some ideas of what you can put together to create
a festive costume for you, the children, and a significant other. 
Here is the
Link to register for the FREE zoom!

If you plan on attending, please drop Lady V a quick text msg of your intent.

( 2 “oh” 6 – 4 “ate”4 – 79 “six “5 )

or use this handy form….

Please add Lady V's number to your personal cell. If you are lost or delayed, need to find the people in town, please ring her for help. Lady V can't wait to meet up with you!

What to wear:

Victorian or Edwardian fashions for men or women, from 1870’s – 1910

Be sure to dress in layers, fur is ok to wear!  Snohomish is frequently much chillier than the Seattle area, so having warm clothing is a grand idea!

Meeting time:

11am in front of Antique Station @Victoria Village

1108 – First Street
Snohomish, WA

You can arrive whatever is comfortable to your schedule.  If you are early, great.  The store opens at 10.  We hope you will be in the first batch of folks to arrive so we can take a first “group photo” around 11am out front of the store.

If you come after lunch, also great.  It would be nice to get group images in front of the town’s tree on 2nd around noon, but that will depend on how many people are available. 


None!  This is a self guided shopping excursion with friends.

**Reminder, please be considerate to other participants and shopkeepers who may still require attendees to participate in Social Distancing and Wearing of Masks during the up-tick of the Corona Virus.  Your cooperation is greatly appreciated….

Can I leave early,
or must I stay for dinner?

The timetable is completely yours and can be fluid.  If you need to leave or get tired, break off from the group.  Those who wish to continue on for snacks, drinks and/or dinner, are certainly welcome to do so.  NO pre-arrangements have been made for a discount or reservation.  You are on your own.

**This activity is purely for entertainment purposes and at your own risk by going out in public.

What if I get lost?

Lady Victoria will carry her cell phone.  She will be happy to let you know which store she is in, or assist in directing you into town – DON’T PANIC!

Lady V looks forward to seeing you Dec. 03, 2022

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