Travels with Lady V Presents:

“Phryne & Friends!”

March 25, 2023

11:30 am – 4 pm

Miss Phryne boarded a ship to cross the seas.  She is presently visiting with Lady V in Washington! They invite you to join them for lunch in the quaint and historic town of Mt. Vernon, WA!

The town of Mount Vernon was incorporated in the late 1800’s.  By the 1920’s, it was quite the “go-to” community in the district.   Vehicle drivers were traversing Chuckanut Drive in the late teens, while downtown, the Lincoln Theatre opened to movie goers.

The day’s activities begin  around 11:30 am at the famed Red Door Antiques Mall.

111 Freeway Dr, Mount Vernon, WA

Here one can find an assortment of small collectables, as well as jewelry, hats, and items to decorate your vintage home.

After a leisurely shopping experience, we can move our vehicles kitty-korner across the street at 12:45 pm to partake in our tea luncheon. The highly regarded White Branches Tea Room located in the restored Old Grainery Building.

100 E. Montgomery St., Mt. Vernon, WA

This historic building has been an iconic landmark in downtown Mt. Vernon since the early 1900’s.  It is now utilized commercially by local businesses.

The building was originally constructed as a feed and seed cooperative for Alf Christianson Seed Company.  After decades of functioning as a grainery, the building sat unused for several years – except for the pigeons who occupied the tower – before it was purchased by the Ware family in 1996.

An unmistakable part of Mt. Vernon’s skyline, the building was incorporated into the city’s logo in 1998. 

Step inside the Old Grainery Building and locate the White Branches Tea Room for our tea luncheon.  Please be seated by 1:00 pm. 

You will be registering and prepaying a $10 deposit directly to with the restaurant.  (See registration link below…)  That deposit will be credited to your final lunch tab, when you are at the restaurant.

You may choose to sit with friends at your own table, different from the one with Lady V.  If you plan to sit with friends, please mention this to the restaurant so they can accommodate your mini group.

* View available menu options here.

**Below, is the restaurant’s link to their booking system called “Tock.”  The restaurant doesn’t use PayPal.

Please have your credit (or debit card), handy BEFORE you click the link, as you will need to enter your cc# within 7 minutes.  You will also be asked which meal you want to order, or if there are special dietary restrictions.

Register with the restaurant here:

Phryne & Friends Tea Luncheon  

Reservation deadline is Thursday, March 23, 3034 at 5 pm.


Red Door  11:30 am – 12:45 am
Tea Lunch 1-4:00 pm


1920’s – 30’s daytime attire



Short RSVP form to Lady Victoria

See you soon!!!


Updated Feb. 21, 2023