Historical Education

Lady Victoria_1920's Car

Lady Victoria of Essex has been very blessed to have been taught and influenced by many talented historical costumers over the years.  These men and women provided hours of time and energy in order to teach a “younger generation” about the techniques, history, and importance of continuing the love of historical costuming!

This page is dedicated to the NEW ” Next Generation” with a special nod of thanks to those who have gone before us.  Lady V and Friends will be holding Educational Opportunities by providing historical costuming concepts, form, techniques for putting together an outfit – regardless if you thrift your finds or compose your outfit by sewing it yourself.  During these sessions, we will also provide a bit of historical context about the era, the type of garments, and just maybe, a little bit about who made the type of attire popular.

Check back here often if you’d like to participate! 

If you’d like to speak to someone or have questions answered, please email:  Dee “at” LadyVictoriaPresents.com

Updated November 28, 2021